About Us


Pacific Aviation Group LLC of Miami provides highly reliable worldwide spares support. Pacific Aviation Group LLC maintains inventories of rotable and expendable, avionics, instruments and engine components for most Boeing, McDonnell Douglas, Airbus, larger commuter aircraft and corporate aircraft. These inventories feature a comprehensive collection of thousands of aircraft parts and components that are captured in a database to best serve our customers at a moment’s notice. Furthermore, experienced sales professionals work closely with customers to design and implement customized programs that meet procurement needs and day-to-day customer requirements.

Pacific Aviation Group LLC of Miami is not related with PAG California


Aggressive value-added programs help make Pacific Aviation Group LLC your number one supplier. These programs include inventory management, 24-hour AOG service, and parts procurement, exchange/leasing programs and repair administration. These programs are administered with an unswerving commitment to reliability and superior customer service. Reliability is also evident in Pacific Aviation Group LLC, Inc policy on full trace documentation for all parts. All vendors are audited to ensure that material supplied by Pacific Aviation Group LLC will pass even the most stringent of inspections.